Thursday, June 11, 2009



In the dense growth of oak trees in the woods outside of their small settlement, three hooded figures stood in a circle.
“It must be done. There is no other way,” the first said.
“But to side with the dark? That is not how our magic is meant to be used! We will doom our children’s children if we do this,” the second retorted.
“We must,” the third said with sadness filling her voice. “Our magic alone is not strong enough to combat this evil. We will work with the Dark Power; he was once our brother. He will help us to banish the evil and protect our descendents.”
“He will curse us!” the second proclaimed as she pulled her hood back.
“What else would you have us do? You offer no other solution!” the first roared as he pushed his hood back in anger.
“Quiet. Our decision has already been made. The spell will weaken the Dark Power enough so that he will not trouble us. There will be time to find a solution,” said the third. “It is time.”
The two women and one man summoned the Dark Power:

We call the night, we call the dark;
Come to us, he who bears our mark.
A brother was he to we three;
As we will, so mote it be.

A chill settled over the woods and fog rolled in covering the ground and curled around the legs of the three witches as they waited unafraid. Heads held high and proud.

He came walking out of the wood toward the circle.

“I see you have agreed to my terms. I will rid the town of the wolves if you agree to come to the dark.”
“We have. Enter the circle, you have our permission.”

The Dark Power entered the circle and felt the power wash over him. Greed for this power was what ended his mortal life, but that was of little consequence to him now. Shortly, he would be more powerful than all of them.

“You have the spell then?” he hissed.
“Of course, but we need you to bestow your power upon us before we begin,” the third said with a nervous glance to the other two.
“Let us finish it.” The Dark Power walked to each of the three witches and placed a gentle kiss on their foreheads. “With this dark kiss, I grant you my power. Now begin!”

The three witches, using their own power and that given to them by the Dark Power chanted their spell:

Of Earth we call, the soil we invite;
Help us with our task this night.

Of Water we plead, the Sea we beseech;
Wash away the evil, keep harm out of reach.

Of Air we ask, the Wind we implore;
Push back the beast that howls at our door.

Of Fire we cry, the Flame we call;
Bring the light and let the darkness fall!

We take the Dark Power to protect and preserve,
Yet it will be the light that our families continue to serve.

ALL evil shall be banished by we three,
As we will, so mote it be!

The three witches closed the spell and the Dark Power was thrown out of their circle. He was no longer welcome on the hallowed ground.

Seething with anger, the Dark Power was ready to rage. He had been betrayed and was now stripped of his unholy power. How could he be so easily tricked by these mere mortals? Mortals. Indeed, they were but mere mortals. He sneered in triumph.
“You think you’ve won, but I assure you I will linger long after you’ve all perished.
Your petty magic can not outlast me. There will come a generation that forgets your pledge. The magic will be broken and I will reclaim the power that was mine.”

The third spoke, “There will be one in each generation of our families that will be given the power. They will grow into their power slowly so that the Dark Power will not corrupt them.” As she spoke she took an athame out from under her cloak and one by one cut the right hand of the three who stood in the circle. They joined their hands and one last time proclaimed, “As we will, so mote it be.”

Their mingled blood fell to the ground and mixed with the damp earth.

Defeated, the Dark Power made a feeble attempt at an angry roar then slinked away into the woods, leaving his power behind with the witches. For now.

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